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Following the Roman Catholic tradition, our religion courses are rooted in Christology and faithful to the Magisterium of the Church.  Middle school courses include the life of Jesus Christ and the history of the Church.  High school courses include the Bible, Morality, Sacraments, Catholic Social Teaching, Christian Vocations.  Religion is a required course for all students.  For students who are Catholic, the courses enrich their understanding and experience of their own faith.  For non-Catholic students, the religion courses provide an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of a faith tradition.  We focus on what we have in common and strive to embrace all.


The English curriculum integrates literature, grammar, vocabulary, and public speaking, while maintaining a strong emphasis on developing and strengthening each student’s writing skills.  Middle school students and high school freshmen study a variety of literary genere.  High school sophomores through seniors study American literature, British literature, and world literature, respectively.  Eligble seniors are enrolled in the College Board-approved course of Advanced Placement Literature and Composition.  In addition, many juniors and seniors opt to take the College Board Advanced Placement exam for Language and Composition and are quite successful!


Middle school courses include the study of early American History and geography of the world.  High school courses include the study of World Cultures as well as United States History I and II.  Advanced Placement US History is available for eligible students.  Additionally, high school students have the opportunity to study psychology.


All students are placed in a math course dependent upon test scores and grades.  Middle school students take pre-algebra, advanced pre-algebra, algebra topics, and advanced algebra I.  The high school college preparatory and honor sequence is algebra I, algebra II, geometry, and pre-calculus.  The high school advanced placement track is honors algebra II, honors geometry, honors pre-calculus, and culminates with the Collge Board-approved course of Advanced Placement Calculus AB.


The middle school students experience a very integrated, hands-on approach to science.  They study engineering, life science, and physical science.  Each week these students, as well as the high school students, participate in a double lab period.  The high school students are placed in college prep or honors level science courses according to their math placement.  Current courses include biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science.  Eligible students may select Advanced Placement Biology or Advanced Placement Chemistry.


Villa Victoria Academy holds the classics in high regard and emphasizes vocabulary as the foundation for strong comprehension skills.  Sixth and seventh graders study Latin and an intro to both French and Spanish.  Eighth grade students have the choice to study the first year of either French or Spanish with the high school students.  There are four years offered of a world language.


Throughout middle school and high school, students learn about nutrition, exercise, and overall healthy choices.  Units of study include tennis, basketball, golf, biking, and physical fitness.  During students’ sophomore year of high school, they study responsible driving skills and are prepared to take their permit test.  They practice driving using a simulator.


All students participate in chorus throughout the year and perform in the Christmas and Spring concerts.

Middle school students learn and practice artistic techniques throughout the year.  For interested and talented high school students, we have art and music electives offered each year.  The art courses may culminate in creating a portfolio for submission to the College Board for Advanced Placement 2-D.  The music courses prepare students to take the College Board Advanced Placement Music Theory exam.