College Acceptances Class of 2020

Villa Victoria Academy includes the middle school (grades 6, 7 & 8) and the high school (grades 9-12).

Villa Victoria Academy helps to develop each student’s inner abilities of critical thinking, creativity, self-esteem and compassion. This is done through small class size, our emphasis on a well-rounded education and many leadership opportunities that exist for our students. Our program prepares students to meet the challenges and opportunities they will face in the future.

Villa Victoria Academy’s curriculum gives her students the opportunity to explore all their talents and interests. A variety of honors and advanced placement courses are offered in both Science and the Humanities to balance each student’s education. For this reason, graduates of Villa Victoria make confident, informed decisions when pursuing a course of study in college.

At Villa Victoria Academy, young women are encouraged to explore their own capabilities. They are the leaders. They are the scholars. Our students are given the encouragement and the opportunities to reach inside themselves to discover talents that they never knew existed.

Middle School Curriculum
High School Curriculum